The notary Yves Behets Wydemans

Master in law since 1980 and notarial law since 1981, Yves Behets Wydemans was appointed as a notary of Brussels-City by Royal Decree of July 12th, 1988 and took the oath on July 25th, 1988.


Yves Behets Wydemans established his notary office at 46 Rue du Cardinal in 1000 Brussels. 


Aware of the added value of the notarial service for a changing, democratic and cross-border society, he is keen to realize this conviction in each of his interventions.

Commited to ease relations, he negotiates, conciliates, advices and suggests solutions in order to avoid further disputes. 


Convinced of the need for a united and efficient professional body, he is involved in notarial forums, both national and international.