Notarial service

The notary exercices a service of general interest, which aims :


  • to secure the reliability of legal data for Public Registers,
  • to keep private relations out of the Court system by giving the agreements included in the notarial acts same probative force, authenticity and enforceability as a judgement.
  • to pacify private operations by providing information, advice, legality and memory.

Lawyer and a public official, the notary provides this service, under the supervision of the Disciplinary Authorities, as an independent Professional who engages his liability, most often in the framework of a notarial company.


Disinterestedness, listening skill and advice are at the service of the free expression of the will of the people, protecting them from external pressures (familial, commercial, ...). Independent third-party serving all parties, he ensures the balance of their commitments and write clearly the agreement resulting from their will.


Located in Brussels-City ("European district"), the NOTARIAL OFFICE enjoys a local and international environment.

It offers all notarial services for which the public authority requires the intervention of a notary, as well as those for which individuals usually resort to the assistance of a notary.

  • Contracts for couples and families
  • Transfer of real estate
  • Planning and settlement of a succession
  • Company status
  • Cross-border situations advice


The office provides expertise in cross-border and international relations. Our lawyers welcome you in French, Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian.

What does a notarial act cost ?

Notarial acts generate 3 types of cost :

  • taxes (registration fees, mortgage fees, …) set by the public authorities;
  • fees, most often according to the Tariff established by the Public Authority;
  • expenses and wages for researches and formalities.

Warning : a 21 % VAT rate applies on fees, expenses and wages.


For more details on the cost of the acts, please contact us.

What does the other services of the office cost?

Some services of the notarial office, so-called non-tariffed, have a cost which depends on the required time, the complexity, the urgency, the financial stake and the financial capacity of the customer. Amongst others, those services are :

  • settlement of a succession
  • drafting and contracting of a sale / acquisition agreement
  • estate / inheritance planning
  • consultations
  • mediation, etc. 

With the exception of the appointment prior to the signing of a notarial act, the appointments are charged. For more details on our rates, please contact us


A payment terminal is at your disposal for small amounts.